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ClearQuest Email Notification Package Installation

Backup your schema repository and users databases

There is no simple way to uninstall package when schema changes are applied to the user database. Please make sure that you created backup to be able to roll back the change if necessary.

It is strongly recommended to test it on a test copy of your schema first. Also, it would make sense to use it with the same database vendor as your production database. In this case, you can minimize risks and safely deploy the package to your production schema and database later.

Are you scared yet?

Download and unpack the distribution


Run 'install.bat' from distribution to install and register packages


Start ClearQuest Designer Package Wizard


Select EmailNotification 1.6 package from the list of installed packages

click on 'More Packages' button if not in the list


Select Schema name to apply the package


and select package version you would like to apply.

Select record types in your schema, which will be enabled for notification


Check schema in and upgrade user databases

Upgrade udb.jpg

Configuring Package

Proceed to Creating First Notification Rule section.