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User Administration Tool for IBM-Rational ClearQuest

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IBM-Rational ClearQuest is one of the greatest tools available in the IBM portfolio. It became even more valuable with introduction of the enhanced ClearQuest Web interface. Having Web based user administrating tool was a dream of ClearQuest administrators for a long time. I would like to present a Web based user administration tool that was implemented on IBM-Rational ClearQuest platform and does not require ClearQuest installation on an administrator's desktop. It simplifies remote site management and adds other features that were missing in the standard User Administrator.

Ultimate Query and Search Capabilities

The User Administration tool is based on ClearQuest and utilized its powerful query and search capabilities. Finding users or groups has never been easier. The basic search can be enhanced using full-text search engine.

Customizable Defaults

The tool allows you to setup defaults for most of the User and Group record fields. For example, you can choose default authentication mechanism to be LDAP instead of ClearQuest, specify default list of User Privileges, Groups, and Database subscription to simplify your life and save your valuable time. Even new user password can be randomly generated when you use ClearQuest authentication.

Customizable Fields Validation

In addition to defaults, the tool offers enhanced validation features, and there would be no need to change schema. Most of the conditions can be specified in the database on the fly. For instance, you can check that user email is specified as an Internet email address from your company domain; use advanced validation for login name, full name, phone, etc.

Managing Users Using Profiles and Templates

Have you ever tried creating user account that has "the same rights" as another user account in the enterprise database containing thousands of users and hundreds of groups? In this case you will like this feature. Mirroring user or adding "somebody else" rights has never been easier. You need to specify other user, and the system will take care of the rest. Moreover, it allows to setup a set of template profiles or roles that can be used to expedite new users provisioning and guard you from mistakes. Setting up new "CM Manager" or "Project Admin" would take seconds.

Granular Access

In addition to the ClearQuest defined user permissions, the tool allows you to define its own equivalents. If you set up the system this way, the tool user admins would have user administration access within the User Admin Tool, but they would not be able to run the same operations using the standard user admin utility. It prevents from mistakes and unnecessary synchronizations between the databases.
In addition, the tool allows you to setup group administrators, users, that are allowed to administer specific group(s) only. If you are using ClearQuest authentication, you can also safely delegate password reset rights to your first-tier helpdesk personal.


The system provides a set of out-of-the box reports. In just few clicks you can get printable list of active users, or find out user accounts or groups that were updated since yesterday. You can also use provided report formats to build your own reports.

Audit Trail

One of the most important for account management features is audit capability. When you use User Administration Tool, you can always answer the following questions: who, when, and what. More advanced audit capabilities are based on Email Notification package, and can be turned on at any time, and in case if it is not enough, you can use Audit Trail package to enhance audit capabilities.

Email Notifications

The system offers customizable and ultimately flexible notification rules based on Email Notification package for IBM-Rational ClearQuest. Configurable email formats, recipients, and advanced conditions allows you to implement any possible notification scenario.

Additional Information

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