Email Notification 1.6 Release Notes

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Email Notification Package 1.5 Release Notes


Support for Non-ASCII code pages

Safe support of non-ascii code pages was added, with few limitations.

Using non-ascii field names

Currently, the parser does not provide full support non-ascii characters in field names using variable-like notation. For instance, the following field name would not be recognized: ${моё_самое_любимое_имя}. One of the possible workarounds is to use GetFieldValue function to access such fields in email notification rules. For instance, in my example, I could use the following syntax: GetFieldValue('моё_самое_любимое_имя')

Using non-ascii characters in message envelope

Using non-ascii characters email envelope is permitted. Nevertheless, you might hit some limitations in your environment. Please check the following page for details: Non-ASCII Characters in Email.


ClearQuest client version

The package can be used with ClearQuest 7.0.0 or later. Earlier versions are supported in version 1.5 only.

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