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ClearQuest Email Subscription

You can allow users to manage their email notification rules subscription preferences. This functionality is delivered with optional EmailSubscription package. It can be used as-is, enhanced, or taken as an example to implement your own, more sophisticated end-user subscription solution. For example, you have constant request from users to be notified about new defects. In order to avoid excessive administrative task, you can open Email Notification rule for self-subscription.

Email Notification Rule

In our example, Email notification rule record would trigger a notification when new defect is created, by "Submit" action. We can either leave recipients list empty, or specify emails where the notification would be sent regardless of subscription.

Create Email Subscription Record

When Email Notification Rule exists, it can be opened for end-users self-subscription by creating Email Subscription record. You can give the record descriptive name, for example, "New Defects Subscription" and specify email notification rule. When record is committed, ES_GetSubscribersEmails() function will be added in the To: field of Email Notification Rule. You can update Email Notification Rule to move ES_GetSubscribersEmails() to CC or BCC fields if necessary.

End users can manage their subscription by using Subscribe_Me or Unsubscribe_Me actions on the correspondent Email_Subscription record.

More than one Notification Rule can be associated with Email Subscription record.

In multisited environment, Email Subscription record needs to be created for each site where subscription is enabled: end users would be able to update subscription records that are mastered on their local site only.

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