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EmailNotification package References

Postby Pavel » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:44 pm

Dear users of EmailNotification package for IBM-Rational ClearQuest,

Since 1999, I have been working with IBM-Rational tools, ClearQuest in particular. From the beginning, I liked using ClearQuest and was impressed with the power of the tool, but I was extremely dissatisfied with its notification functionality.

Eight years ago, I decided to fill the gap myself and created the first version of the Email Notification package. All these years, the package was made available for ClearQuest administrators at no charge, and I did my best in supporting and enhancing it.

If you found the EmailNotification package for IBM-Rational ClearQuest to be useful, and have installed or upgraded it in the last 18 months, could you agree to become a client reference in ANY of the following ways, please?
    - as an IBM internal reference only
    - as a reference in proposals for new business with the solutions.
    - to be willing to write an article for publication in professional journals.
    - to be a “Customer success story” - (to be profiled in a sales/marketing that is deliverable to be published in hard copy or on Web sites that may be referenced in a speech or presentation)
    - to be considered for advertising campaigns

If you have the authority to do it, and feel that it is a right thing to do, please contact me: pavel (at)

On behalf of CQAdmin and myself, I would like to thank you for being valued customers.

Pavel Dubovitsky

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